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Paintings are acrylic and mixed media on canvas or masonite. Originals are available for purchase.
Click here for sizes and pricing.

Event Horizon Winged Nebula Oysters in Space lossy Nebulastarbirths A Star Is Born Eye in Space Event Horizon 2
Event Horizon
Paintings 200
Winged Nebula
Paintings 201
Dark Matter Nebula
Paintings 202
Blue Worm Nebula
Paintings 204
A Star is Born
 Paintings 205
Eye Into the Universe
Paintings 206
Sail Into the Universe
Paintings 207
Where no one has gone before. Final Frontier Bubble Nebula Elemental Series Starbirths Stardust Jeremy the Dragon
Where No One Has
Gone Before
Paintings 208
The Final Frontier
Paintings 209
Bubble Nebula
Paintings 210
Elemental -
Series of 4 paintings
Paintings 211
Paintings 212
 Paintings 213
Dragon Breathing Butterflies
Paintings 214
  Dream Fall Butterflies Blue Birds of Happiness Whirlygigs  
Paintings 215
Paintings 216
Paintings 217
Blue Birds of Happiness
Paintings 218
Paintings 219